Monday, 27 September 2010

Ed Milliband and the charity clothing bag

Returning from another couple of days away on business, we are greeted by more junk mail on the doorstep and the news that Ed Milliband is leader of the Labour Party. You're right, there is not a natural link between the two subject matters or an obvious introduction for a post on corporate reputation management.
May I explain.
Having filled several charity bags recently with empty clothes, this charity bag, like the others, was hiding among the leaflets for pizza delivery, cleaning services and the numerous local, free newspapers. Despite my lack of suitable clothes to fill it with, there was one thing which made me retrieve this bag from the recyling pile, it was the words 'the Christie'.
Late last year, I was privileged enough to be given a tour of Europe's leading cancer care centre which pledges 'to care, to discover and to teach'. Seeing the values of the Christie in action, its dedication towards innovation in the area of cancer care and the courage of its leadership in delivering its goals, I could not throw the bag away. The Christie has a fine corporate reputation, it is authentic and consistent in its actions, it has a very clear vision which is delivered on and communicated by its management and it is among the finest of examples in the UK of how an organisation can be a good citizen. It has built amazing local,national and international support and respect. Its dedication to being authentic and transparent in its reputation paid for itself, just a couple of years ago, when Christie supporters successfully mobilised themselves to help reclaim precious funds that had been lost in the collapse of the Icelandic banks.
It seems to me that Ed Milliband could learn a lot from the example of the Christie as he takes over in his new post as leader of the Labour Party. Having been successful enough to extract himself from the recycling pile of leadership contenders, he must now consider how to mobilise the support he needs to take the party forward? To get the support that will deliver results. Will he be brave enough to build a reputation for the party by behaving and delivering in a manner that is distincive, authentic and transparent? I, like many, will be watching with interest to see how much importance Ed Milliband places on reputation to gain the support of those who can best help the party to move forward.
And the clothing bag? I took it to a friend who I knew would fill it and the bag was collected this morning.

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