Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Count down to Co-operatives Fortnight 2010

Co-operation is in the air. Co-operatives Fortnight 2010 (19 June to 3 July)

Placed firmly into the spotlight by the country's new leadership, the principles of co-operation are receiving new attention throughout the UK from those who are seeking an alternative way to achieve results.

But co-operation is not new. Working together towards a shared goal are tried and tested principles which were developed in this country by the Rochdale pioneers some 166 years ago. Today, these same principles are responsible for a co-operative sector that supports over a quarter of the global economy and ones which, here in the UK, 1 in 5 of us select to be members of. Around 4800 business in this country are co-operative, they are owned by their members and not shareholders.

Co-operatives Fortnight 2010 is the first national campaign to celebrate the co-operative model and the values of co-operation. From 19 June until 3 July 2010, co-operative businesses across the country will be celebrating their co-operative status with the theme ' There Is An Alternative.'
It is indeed true that the co-operative model is a very real alternative. An alternative for business, an alternative for public services, an alternative for financial services, an alternative for the consumer. This established model has a very real role to play in modern society.
the R consultancy is proud to be working with Co-operatives UK to deliver Co-operatives Fortnight 2010 and wishes all those taking part every success with the campaign.

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