Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Corporate Reputation Management Lecture

I have just returned from Manchester Metropolitan University where we had the pleasure of talking about Corporate Reputation Management to the students on the International Public Relations course. It is always a pleasure to to see some of tomorrow's professionals and to hear their intelligent and well-observed questions. We will always support this kind of request because, well frankly, shared learning and being able to support our profession is something we strongly believe in. Top marks for Jane Tonge, fellow CIPR NW committee member for her dedication to getting 'outside people in' to talk to the students. I wish many of my lecturers had done the same! From this morning, I think that the next generation of corporate reputation management professionals will be serving our profession well. Infact, I suspect many of them were in the room this morning. My closing comments in this morning's lecture? " I do not believe that any PR professional can operate effectively without a sound understanding of how businesses operation and of how corporate reputation affects the bottom line".

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